Boosting Metabolism for Fall

It is autumn, the time of year when we slow down and our metabolism gets more sluggish. There are many natural methods for boosting your immunity. Let’s look at some foods and spices can kickstart the metabolism in time for the cold weather slowdown.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism encompasses all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms. These are genetically determined chemical transformations that keep us alive and are key the the healthy functioning of the human body. Basically, what we refer to as metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns fuel for energy. There are ways to boost the rate at which your body burns fuel for energy, such as drinking more water and increasing protein.

Warming Cinnamon

It seems that there is little evidence that cinnamon increases overall metabolism. Still, there are many different studies which  have shown that it is  helpful in glucose metabolism. Cinnamon improves the way fat cells respond to sugar by helping to lower blood sugar levels and elevating insulin sensitivity.

Spice it Up with Cayenne Pepper

Heats up your body which can boost metabolic rate by up to 20% helping you burn more calories while curbing hunger. Chemicals in Cayenne can can kick your metabolism into a higher gear.  The effect is temporary, but the effects of frequent consumption can be cumulative!

Boost with Lemon Juice

This natural wonder is a go-to digestive aid for many folks, this is because a few tablespoons of lemon juice during or prior to a meal is said to lower the blood sugar response to the meal. Lemon juice enables you to burn more calories and store less fat.

Green Tea + Exercise = Better Burn

Improves oxidation of fat, which can contribute greatly to weight loss. Green tea contains both catechins and caffiene, both of which are substances that increase the metabolism for a brief period of couple of hours. Drinking 2 to 4 cups a day can help the body to burn 17% more calories during brief periods of moderate exercise (This is also the case with coffee). Green tea also contains polyphenols which increase the rate at which calories are burned.