What is a Superfood?

Superfood. The word comes up often. You can probably even list a handful of them, but do you really know what it means?  Superfoods are a group of foods considered by some experts to be dietary standouts because they are nutrient dense and can be extremely beneficial to your health. The idea is that superfoods provide you with powerful healing benefits by supplying key nutrients that are critical for optimal health. It is often said that adding these foods to your diet can improve health with few, if any, side effects. Possibly the most noteworthy fact about these nutritional … [Read more...]

Salsa Rehab Center

Salsa Rehab Center | Garden Fresh Salsa

There is hope.  … [Read more...]

Strip Tease

Strip Tease | Garden Fresh Gourmet Corn Tortilla Strips for Soups and Salads

Garden Fresh Gourmet Tortilla Strips: an excellent addition to soups and salads! … [Read more...]

How to Get Yours Kids to Give You a Back Massage

How to get your kids to give you a back massage | office humor | Garden Fresh Salsa

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Garden Fresh Naturals

Garden Fresh Naturals Hummus | Tabouli Hummus | Vegetable Hummus

Gar Garden Fresh Naturals Hummus line!! Now available at select retailers. Flavors include: Tabouli Hummus Vegetable Hummus Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Original Hummus And many more fab flavors! Contact info@gardenfreshsalsa.com to inquire more.   … [Read more...]

Just One Cup a Day

Garden Fresh Gourmet | Jumbo Cup of Coffee | Just One Cup A Day

In the morning, I start the day off with a warm cup of java, which is especially delicious on a cool Fall day. I'm proud of myself, because I'm now down to just one cup a day. Cheers! … [Read more...]