Garden Fresh Game Day Party Pack Giveaway!

Garden Fresh Salsa Contest / Givewaway / Free Chips and Salsa

What’s synonymous with the Big Game??? Chips, dips and salsa, of course!  We can’t name the game, but we can tell you it’s on February 1st, and it rhymes with Salsa Bowl. How appropriate is that? To celebrate the occasion, we're giving away THE ULTIMATE PARTY PACK!! From now until January 19, 2015, ENTER TO WIN a package of Garden Fresh goodies at your 2015 Game Day party SHIPPED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! We'll send the winner an awesome assortment of our fresh salsas, dips, guacamole and tortilla chips. The more entries you complete at the bottom of this post, the more chances you … [Read more...]

Cassandra Thomas, One Sweet Potato

Metro Detroit Food

written by Jack Aronson   Years ago, when I first opened Clubhouse Barbecue (1988) I happened to meet another person launching a food business. Cassandra Thomas had just started a bakery called Sweet Potato Sensations. Cassandra would deliver me sweet potato cookies and pies, which we would serve in the restaurant and deliver to customers with their orders. I loved Cassandra's products, and was inspired by her drive as she built her business. When we launched Garden Fresh Salsa out of the restaurant, Cassandra was one of my first customers and a trusted taste tester. The salsa … [Read more...]

A Look at Fad Foods


Cupcakes, bacon, and kale have all been objects of the fad food phenomenon. We may roll our eyes at the mention of cupcakes now, we have seen the trend come and go, but once upon a time, the mere mention excited us. How do food trends develop? Is there a science to the rise and fall of culinary trends? It's obvious that fads don't spread on their own, they are often engineered by individuals and institutions. There are chef-driven food trends and health-driven food trends. Pop culture also plays a big role in the development of these crazes. Others are developed by marketing experts … [Read more...]

Earth Fare Markets

Earth Fare Market

Market Profile: Earth Fare Markets Garden Fresh Gourmet was recently recognized as Earth Fare Markets' Deli Vendor of the Year award. We are pleased to be a part of this wonderful community of markets and thought we should tell you, our customers, why.  History & Food Philosophy Established in 1975, in Asheville, NC, Earth Fare has been selling healthy food for decades and honing their Food Philosophy ( In the 90s the Philosophy became more established and today it has developed into an impressive list of health & environmentally … [Read more...]

Garlic is Good!

Benefits of Garlic

Nearly all of Garden Fresh Gourmet's fresh, natural products include garlic. Adding garlic to a salsa, dip, or dish, is not only the fastest way to make it more delicious, it is also an easy way to make anything you consume healthier. There are dozens of benefits to be obtained from eating more of this superfood, here are a few we think are noteworthy.     … [Read more...]

Hat Trick

HAT TRICK | Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

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