A Day in the Life of a Retail Specialist

A Day in the Life of a Retail Specialist

Meet Diane Riddle, Retail Specialist by day, avid seamstress and reader of books by night.

She is part of our Garden Fresh infantry division, a soldier on the front lines, stocking Garden Fresh goodies in stores throughout Southern Michigan and Ohio.

Diane joined the Garden Fresh family four score and seven years ago. She lives life in the fresh lane, hootling and tootling from store to store in a midnight blue PT Cruiser, appropriately adorned with brightly colored veggies.

Blazing the Aisles

Diane Riddle, Garden Fresh Salsa, Retail Specialist, PT CruiserUpon arrival at each store, Diane guides the PT Cruiser between the blue lines of a handicapped parking space. Diagnosed with a condition that causes chest pain and difficulty breathing, it’s more than mere convenience. While she looks like she can heave 100 cases of salsa single handedly above her head while running across the parking lot, too much physical activity finds her doubled over and gasping for air.

She promptly exits the vehicle, fills a cart with her bag of tricks and sashays into the store.

Diane zigs and zags among the produce and deli displays until she stumbles upon our own. She tidies it up, then stocks the coolers and shelves with tubs of salsa, dips, hummus and chips. She stands back and surveys her handiwork: orange colored bags align perfectly in a row. It’s hard to resist the urge to break one open, right then and there. The triangular pillows of lightly salted chips beckon from within.

Somehow, with grave will and utter determination, she resists.


She rips open a bag of chips and pours them into a bowl. She grabs a tub of Artichoke Garlic salsa and places it next to the chips on a nearby table.

Time for samples!

Shoppers gravitate towards the goodies, scooping up chucks of meaty artichokes with crunchy tortilla chips while raving about their favorite Garden Fresh products.

This is what Diane loves the most: interacting with passionate fans and foodies alike. And the feedback is enthusiastic.

Mere moments later, not a morsel remains.

Diane gathers her bag of tricks, salutes the deli manager and exits the store.

She climbs into the PT Cruiser and heads to the next. It’s a great day in the life of a Retail Specialist.

Diane Riddle Unmasked

Diane lives in Ferndale with husband, Roger. They have seven children and seven grandchildren. She loves to travel and interact with people. “This is the perfect job for me because I get to do both.”

Do what you love, love what you do. Diane is living the motto.

If you see her in the parking lot, give her a toot. If you see her blazing the aisles, give her a holler. She’d love to meetcha!

A Day in the Life of a Retail Specialist for Garden Fresh Salsa - Diane Riddle