Garden Fresh Fundraising

Did you know that Garden Fresh partnered with Forgotten Harvest, one of America’s premier hunger relief organizations, to develop a fundraising program? 

The program serves the dual purpose of helping local organizations raise funds to meet internal goals, while also providing them the opportunity to promote awareness internally about the needs of those less fortunate who are living in surrounding communities.  Garden Fresh gourmet is committed to helping Forgotten Harvest realize their goals, and to this end, all profits from products sold in the fundraisers are donated directly to to Forgotten Harvest. In addition, there is also the option, for participating organizations, to raise funds above their own target goals to help support Forgotten Harvest in the prevention of hunger.

This option can create a terrific dialog within participating organizations about the value of giving and can be eye-opening to members, particularly young participants who may never have had any experience of hunger and may not even be aware that there are individuals in their own communities who are struggling.

The Program

If you have a group that is launching a fundraising campaign, consider selling Garden Fresh Gourmet’s healthy & delicious products. This is a fresh and tasty way of raising the funds your organization needs.  As the producers of America’s #1 fresh salsa, our unique program makes it easy for you to raise dollars for your organization selling an exciting line of gourmet salsas, dips, hummus, and chips.  People love these products! They are easy to sell, while being wholesome and delicious.


  • Affordable product choices that will appeal to every taste.
  • Products are fresh and healthy, meaning more dollars for your organization
  • Garden Fresh Gourmet is all about Michigan! We support our local community!

Doing Good

As noted, here at Garden Fresh Gourmet, we have made a strong commitment to our community which is demonstrated through our partnerships with several local organizations who make an impact and help those in need. That idea is extended to your organization when you fundraise with Garden Fresh Gourmet. Through your fundraising activities, you can also support Forgotten Harvest and raise awareness of needs within the community among your group members. 

When you fundraise with our products, over and above the profits you earn, Garden Fresh will make a donation to Forgotten Harvest for each unit you sell. This does not impact your fundraising profits, it is merely what we like to call a do-good bonus. This is a win/win scenario! Even if you do not choose to raise funds for Forgotten Harvest, you can tell your buyers that they are helping feed hungry folks with their purchase and you can share the satisfaction of helping your own organization and the community.

If you’d like to fundraise with Garden Fresh Gourmet products, you can get in touch with Carol Bahri (

You can also visit Forgotten Harvest’s page (with downloadable brochure).