Garden Fresh Salsa: Fresh and All-Natural

Garden Fresh Salsa, Mango Peach, Fresh, All NaturalWhat ingredients are crafted into America’s #1 award-winning salsa?

A savory explosion of fresh fruits and vegetables and a medley of aromatic spices. Our salsas are all-natural, free of artificial flavorings or preservatives. It’s a vitamin-rich, antioxidant-heavy produce department packed into a 16-ounce cup.

Because we use so many fresh fruits and vegetables in our all-natural salsas, the discriminating taste bud may notice subtle differences from one container to the next. Perhaps the mangoes from one harvest are sweeter than those of another. Or a particular jalapeño is a touch spicier than its brother. We have dedicated tasters sampling each batch of salsa and testing the pH levels to ensure quality and consistency, so the taste differences are modestly understated.

We go to great lengths to ensure our products reach your favorite grocer with the full freshness and award-winning taste Garden Fresh is known for. Because our salsa is all-natural, the shelf life can be compromised if it’s exposed to warm temperatures or handled improperly for even a short time, much like fruit and vegetables in the produce department. This seldom happens. However, if you purchase salsa that falls victim to premature spoilage, contact Carol Bahri in our customer service department via email: or toll-free: 866.725.7239. We want to ensure your Garden Fresh experience is the safest, highest-quality, most delicious experience you can legally have with food.

Safety & Quality

When so much of what we make is all-natural, our commitment to quality and food safety is all-encompassing. At Garden Fresh, quality is in our DNA and our dedication to food safety is clearly evident through our implementation of HACCP-based food safety programs, in line with Codex Guidelines that are recognized industry standards. Quality systems are also an essential part of our management process and are closely integrated with Safe Quality Food programs. Independent, third-party auditors assess our Food Safety systems on a regular basis and provide valuable input that informs our ongoing quality and safety improvement processes.

And don’t forget our commitment to embracing cutting-edge food safety technologies like High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP).

None of that means much, however, without talented people working hard every day to ensure that nothing leaves our plant that’s not the safest, highest-quality we can make it. People like Brian Allen, our Director of Quality, whose 16 years of experience in Quality Assurance in the Food and Beverage Industry make him an invaluable member of the Garden Fresh Team. Or Diane Spiller-McClelland, Quality Manager of our Hummus Plant, with over 20 years of food industry experience (Diane tells us that she started very young). Brian and Diane work long hours making sure your Garden Fresh experience is the safest, highest-quality, most delicious experience keeps you coming back for more.