Garden Fresh Salsa Visits Hong Kong

Garden Fresh CEO, Jack Aronson and Vice Chairman, Dave Zilko recently visited Hong Kong and Shanghai. They’re looking at ways in which we can begin exporting Garden Fresh products to the People’s Republic of China. Through HPP, we’re able to achieve a generous shelf life on our salsa. Coupled with the number one tortilla chip in the deli department, finding our all-star line-up on the store shelves in China could be more than just a dream.

Jack Aronson CEO of Garden Fresh Salsa in Hong Kong overlooking Victoria Bay

The trip began with a 15 hour flight from Detroit, taking off shortly before 4:00 pm…

“After a few hours in the air, nighttime set in,” Dave Zilko marvels. “Six hours later, we continued to go so far West, we were now in the Eastern part of the world where the sun began to rise. By the time we landed in Hong Kong at 7:15 pm, it turned to night. Thus, we went from daylight to nighttime to daylight again, and then landed in Hong Kong to an evening sky.”

Jack Aronson and Dave Zilko of Garden Fresh Salsa visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China. A city-state situated on China’s south coast and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, it is renowned for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbor. With a land mass of 426 square miles and a population of seven million people, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Dave and Jack were both impressed with the city’s infrastructure, marveling at the skyline as they rode from the airport to the hotel. They also pointed out some of the American establishments they recognized as they drove by including Outback Steakhouse, Ruth’s Chris, Starbucks and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

They didn’t dine at the any of those places, however. The next day, their new friends from China took them to one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong: Yung Kee. Just this year, it was rated one of the top 15 restaurants in all of Asia.

Jack Aronson and Dave Zilko of Garden Fresh Salsa visit Hong Kong

Jack and Dave tried the roasted duck, deep fried ribs and soup. Dave’s favorite part of the meal was the fried rice. ”There were little pieces of pork sausage in it,” Dave said. “It really gave it a unique, robust taste.”

After lunch, they enjoyed a scenic part of Victoria Harbor, taking in the spectacular Hong Kong skyline. “There are skyscrapers everywhere,” Dave mentioned. “From a distance, the skyline is incredible. Most of these buildings are worlds unto themselves, nestled in little corners and pockets of the city.”

From there, Jack and Dave went to a residential neighborhood and wandered their open air markets.

Dave Zilko exploring the open air markets in Hong Kong

“What a thing to experience!” Dave exclaimed. “These old buildings with the tiniest, narrowest streets you’ve ever seen, just teeming with people, thousands of people everywhere, and this was on a Monday afternoon.  Thousands of little shops, closets really, and about half of them are devoted to food.”

Dave and Jack both enjoyed their experience in China and look forward to their return.

“I’m just fascinated with their culture,” Dave exclaimed.

As far as Garden Fresh Salsa showing up the store shelves of China, only time will tell. We’ll keep you posted!

Jack Aronson selects his fresh catch in Hong Kong