Get Fresh Wrap

Wanna get fresh?

For me, eating a sandwich is like enjoying a little taste of summer. As a Gluten Free Goddess, I kick it sans gluten with Rudi’s Spinach Tortillas for this Get Fresh Wrap but feel free to use your bread of choice.

Not only is this super easy peasy to make, it’s chock full of nutrients. The wrap I use touts five grams of fiber per serving. I load up on the spinach – a great source of iron – and top it off with lycopene-rich tomatoes. The avocados from the guacamole are a good source of folic acid, a pregnancy super food which I currently enjoy (23 weeks and feeling groovy).

Garden Fresh Gourmet Zesty Guacamole

Sandwiches also offer a lot of versatility. Merely swap out the guacamole with:

Change up the vegetables, add your favorite deli meat and you can have a different sandwich every day of the week. Amen.

Get Fresh Wrap: Vegetarian and Gluten Free Roll Up Sandwich | Garden Fresh Gourmet

Get Fresh Wrap

  • Rudi’s Gluten Free Spinach Tortilla
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Garden Fresh Gourmet Zesty Guacamole
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Tomatoes

Spread out your tortilla shell. Add two slices of provolone cheese. Slather on a generous amount of guacamole. Place a mound of fresh spinach and tomatoes on top and roll.

Eat fresh, my friends.

Eat fresh, my friends | Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa