Hummus Heroes Among Us

One cold November day, Ashley Anderson found herself stranded on the freeway with her 11-month-old son, Alex. One of her tires had given out on her old red Chevy Cavalier and the remaining three were as bald as a coot. Her friend rushed to her aid, bringing a spare tire that resembled the others. They worked quickly, changing the flat so she could make the drive home.

Ashley’s tires did not go unnoticed. Jeremy Davis and Chris Taber, two managers at Garden Fresh, had observed the tread-less tires mere days before. They rapped their fingers against their chins, the inner workings of their minds quickly turning.

Light bulb.

Ashley reported to work the next day, weaving the story of her frightening experience on the freeway. Fellow Team Members drew closer, holding on to every word and inserting gasps of horror in just the right places.

Afterwards, Jeremy and Chris pulled her aside.

“We found a place that sells tires at a really great price. We’re going to pick up four tires and replace the ones currently on your car.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

Ashley can now hootle and tootle safely around town with her new set of tires, thanks to the thoughtfulness of two caring souls.

“I love them and I’m so grateful for what they did for me and my son.”

Jeremy Davis, Ashley Anderson and Chris Taber of Garden Fresh Salsa

From left to right: Jeremy, Production Manager in Hummus; Ashley, Line Leader in Salsa; Chris, Lean Champion