Garden Fresh Salsa: Fresh and All-Natural


What ingredients are crafted into America's #1 award-winning salsa? A savory explosion of fresh fruits and vegetables and a medley of aromatic spices. Our salsas are all-natural, free of artificial flavorings or preservatives. It's a vitamin-rich, antioxidant-heavy produce department packed into a 16-ounce cup. Because we use so many fresh fruits and vegetables in our all-natural salsas, the discriminating taste bud may notice subtle differences from one container to the next. Perhaps the mangoes from one harvest are sweeter than those of another. Or a particular jalapeño is a touch … [Read more...]

Jack Aronson at TEDx Detroit

President of Garden Fresh Salsa, Jack Aronson, at TEDx Detroit

TEDxDetroit 2011 by Terry Johnston by Docufest on Flickr. … [Read more...]

A Message from Garden Fresh to the City of Ferndale

Its a tomato

For the better part of 14 years, Garden Fresh has been proud to claim the city of  Ferndale, Michigan as our home base. To us, no community in America is more beautiful or more vibrant, and no people more passionate and caring about their neighbors than the fine folks of this amazing town. Ever since Jack and Annette Aronson made their first tub of salsa in the back of  their storied barbeque joint on Woodward Avenue, this is the only place they’ve ever wanted to make a go of it. And, make a go of it they did. Now, almost 14 years later, Garden Fresh Salsa is the number one fresh salsa, … [Read more...]

Art is Subjective. Salsa is Not.

Art is Subjective. Salsa is Not.

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A Day in the Life of a Retail Specialist

A Day in the Life of a Retail Specialist for Garden Fresh Salsa - Diane Riddle

A Day in the Life of a Retail Specialist Meet Diane Riddle, Retail Specialist by day, avid seamstress and reader of books by night. She is part of our Garden Fresh infantry division, a soldier on the front lines, stocking Garden Fresh goodies in stores throughout Southern Michigan and Ohio. Diane joined the Garden Fresh family four score and seven years ago. She lives life in the fresh lane, hootling and tootling from store to store in a midnight blue PT Cruiser, appropriately adorned with brightly colored veggies. Blazing the Aisles Upon arrival at each store, Diane guides the PT … [Read more...]

Dude, Imagine There’s No Salsa

John Lennon holding Garden Fresh Gourmet Blue Corn Tortilla Chips in Havana, Cuba

Imagine there's no salsa To go with your chips. No cool and crispy veggies To soothe your salty lips. Imagine there's no salsa It just may make you cry. You may say I'm a whiner But I'm not the only one. Without my Garden Fresh salsa The world just isn't fun. Recently discovered lost lyrics to John Lennon's "Imagine" Picture of John Lennon holding a bag of Garden Fresh Gourmet Blue Corn Tortilla Chips taken by Melanie & Billy Mena in Havana, Cuba. Lyrics by Mike Griffin. If you have a photo featuring one of your favorite Garden Fresh products, submit it here. … [Read more...]