FAQ: Answers to Your Most Pressing Garden Fresh Questions

Garden Fresh Mango Habanero Salsa

Frequently Asked Questions We receive phone calls and emails from our raving fans each and every day, asking questions about their favorite Garden Fresh goodies. We thought we’d capture those here along with their corresponding ripostes. If you have some questions of your own, ask away by commenting below. Are Garden Fresh products gluten free? We are happy to report that all of our Garden Fresh brand products are gluten free except for our pita chips.  We offer several varieties of salsa, dips, hummus, corn tortilla chips and guacamole – all gluten free and equally spectacular. You … [Read more...]

Dude, Where’s Our Salsa?

Forgive the facetious nod to a funny film featuring a facile former TV star, but Garden Fresh fare keeps turning up in more and more remote places, far afield of our fabulous factory in fashionable Ferndale, Michigan. For instance, our salsa could recently be found in Costco stores in—of all places—faraway South Korea! Last fall, Sam’s Clubs fostered fans of our Margaritaville-branded fare at their facilities in family-friendly Puerto Rico. And far-fetched though it may seem, soon salsa aficionados will be able to find us in Europe as far north as some facelessly frigid Finnish … [Read more...]

Are You A Supertaster?

Supertaster - Mya Loves Squash

To Be, Or Not To Be. I’ve passed out samples of our salsa at supermarkets and food shows throughout the years and I’m fascinated by how some people perceive taste sensations differently than others. Some people are more sensitive to spicy foods, saying the mild flavors are too hot. My curiosity sends me to the front of the display, scooping up a sample and trying the Wild Mild to confirm that my taste buds find the flavor to be just as I suspected: mild. It’s not spicy, I think to myself. What gives? While chewing on my thoughts, I came across an article asking “Are You a … [Read more...]

Garden Fresh Salsa at the Ballpark

Hope Pena throws the first pitch

Bless You Boys Are you a baseball fan? I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl, thanks in large part to my father. I remember going to the old Tigers Stadium at Michigan and Trumbull with him and my brother back in the eighties when the Tigers won the World Series. Back then, I paid more attention to the cotton candy vendors than the game itself. Ahhhhh, but I do remember the names of the team and I had my favorites. I collected baseball cards and bragged about the players. When I close my eyes, I can still smell the intoxicating aroma of those hotdogs. The walls of the stadium were … [Read more...]

Chorizo Burrito with Salsa & Guacamole

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito Recipe & Ingredients

Do you love chorizo? I love chorizo. Its spicy goodness sends my taste buds into a tailspin of delight. There’s a magical restaurant in the village of Clarkston called the Union and they serve an amazing chorizo burrito every Sunday morning. Breakfast is served on Sundays only, folks. Great food, great atmosphere. Prior to learning of my gluten intolerance, I pulled up a stool at the bar nearly every Sunday morning and ordered the same thing: a chorizo burrito, pretty please, with a cinnamon cappuccino to wake up my senses before its arrival. Hip-hip-yummay! After a few long … [Read more...]

Forgotten Harvest: Rescuing Food to Relieve Hunger

Chef Aaron Klassen Displays Meal Kits Prepared for the Hungry

I skipped over to Forgotten Harvest one afternoon with Suzie Phillips, our Patron Saint of Salsa. Garden Fresh has been donating salsa, chips, hummus and dips to their cause for many years. We embraced the opportunity to take a tour of their facility and understand their organization more intimately. We walked through the double doors of their establishment in Southfield and were immediately greeted by two warm smiles. Marilyn Beckham and Susan Goodell shook our hands and ushered us into the conference room. We shared stories and watched a heartwarming video highlighting their mission and … [Read more...]