Find Love at Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods

Lentils start with "L" and so does love. This video from Whole Foods made us laugh today so we thought we'd share it with you. Hope it makes you laugh too! Garden Fresh is proud to have our products sold at Whole Foods. … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating with Salsa

The Dynamic Duo: Salsa & Guacamole

Feel the ambrosial juices explode across your tongue as your teeth crush crisp chunks of sweet onion in a symphony of flavor. This is what fresh salsa is all about. Garden Fresh Gourmet sparked the fresh salsa revolution in 1997 when founders Jack and Annette Aronson began making salsa in five-gallon buckets using only the freshest and finest ingredients. We continue to employ this micro-batch approach today to create our impressive line of award-winning, all natural salsas. The Skinny on Salsa Eating fresh salsa is a delicious way to introduce more fruit and vegetables into our diets. … [Read more...]

Healthy Snacks | Hummus

Garden Fresh Gourmet Hummus Snack Pack

Wanna get fresh? I have a handful of wholesome and delicious snack ideas for you to try using fresh ingredients and Garden Fresh Mediterranean Hummus. First, let’s talk about the health benefits of eating hummus. Heart Healthy Hummus Chickpeas, the main ingredient in hummus, are rich in high-quality protein, calcium and are an excellent source of fiber. They also contain vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, zinc and magnesium. Beans in general have been linked to various health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and preventing cancer. Garlic is another heavyweight found in … [Read more...]

Garden Fresh Gourmet’s Gluten Free Lineup

Jack's Special Salsa | Gluten Free

Going Gluten Free I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. My doctor called me one Wednesday morning with the news. Initially, I was upset, mourning the loss of pasta, pizza and freshly baked cupcakes. I even had a “farewell to gluten” weekend, savoring my favorite dishes one last time. And then, I embraced it. With sunshine in my heart and a skip in my step, I full-heartedly embraced my diagnosis. Finding delicious, gluten free foods became an exciting treasure hunt. I'd spend an entire afternoon in the supermarket, reading labels and familiarizing myself again with the store. … [Read more...]

Garden Fresh Salsa Creates Raving Fans

Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa & Tortilla Chips

We Love Our Fans Creating raving fans is our passion. It always has been. Mary from Madison, Wisconsin, is one of them. She called Ruth, our Director of First Impressions, a few days ago to tell us how much she loves our Garden Fresh Salsa: "Your salsa is fantastically good. It tastes like it was made yesterday! I brought some to a party, and everyone fell in love with it!" I have to agree with Mary. Our all-star line up of fresh, all-natural salsas will knock the socks off of even the most seasoned salsa connoisseurs. John from Chicago says our Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are … [Read more...]