Pitching in for a Great Cause!

Garden Fresh Gourmet is proud to be participating in the Salvation Army's 3rd annual Shield on the Field Celebrity Classic softball game on May 17, 2014.  This free event will feature a giant bounce house and face painting for the kids, as well as chips and salsa courtesy of Garden Fresh.   Among local celebrities, business, and civic leaders joining the line-up for the game are: Mark Hackel, (Macomb County Executive), Eric Smith, (Macomb County Prosecutor), Jack Aronson, (President of Garden Fresh Gourmet), John Latella, (COO of Garden Fresh Gourmet), Alexandrea Thrubis (Metro … [Read more...]

Add Some Color to Your Diet!


Adding variety to your diet can be enormously beneficial. One clever way to do so is by making your meals more colorful! Creating meals with a variety of fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors will ensure that you are getting an excellent variety of nutrients! Garden Fresh is happy to help you add color to your diet, whether you choose our delicious red salsas, our spicy green guacamole, or our golden sweet potato hummus. Incorporating delicious, fresh food options to your diet will help increase energy and overall health. Below are several suggestions for boosting the intake of … [Read more...]

Are You a Supertaster?

Is someone in your life a picky eater? It may be that this person is actually a supertaster! What is a Supertaster? Each of the tastebuds on a tongue is designed to pick up a single flavor: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, or umami. Taken together, all the flavors encountered by the tastebuds become the overall experience of tasting food. Supertasters experience food with a greater intensity than the rest of the population as a result of having a larger number of tastebuds (the opposite of non-tasters who experience many foods as bland because they have relatively fewer tastebuds). … [Read more...]

Join the Garden Fresh Team in Supporting the 2014 Walk for the Future!


The 2014 Walk For The Future,  an event supporting The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland and Macomb Counties, is only 25 days away. This gives anyone interested in joining & supporting the walk plenty of time to get involved! The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland and Macomb Counties have set a $100,000 goal for this event. Now it is even easier to help them meet that goal. Between now and April 22, 2014, Garden Fresh Gourmet (led by Jack & Annette Aronson) will match, dollar for dollar, all donations - up to $12,500!  This means the donations you secure will be matched - … [Read more...]

What is a Superfood?

Superfood. The word comes up often. You can probably even list a handful of them, but do you really know what it means?  Superfoods are a group of foods considered by some experts to be dietary standouts because they are nutrient dense and can be extremely beneficial to your health. The idea is that superfoods provide you with powerful healing benefits by supplying key nutrients that are critical for optimal health. It is often said that adding these foods to your diet can improve health with few, if any, side effects. Possibly the most noteworthy fact about these nutritional … [Read more...]

Hat Trick

HAT TRICK | Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

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