Super Bowl Recipes

Spicy Con Queso Dip, Baked Artichoke Spinach and 4 Cheese Dip, Nacho Pie, fresh salsa and salted chips — whether you’re firing up the grill at a tailgate or cheering from your couch, these Super Bowl eats are hearty and delicious enough to keep even the most enthusiastic fan going on game day. We polled some of our passionate pros to find out what they and their friends like to nibble and nosh while rooting for their favorite team. The result: a roster of rib-sticking, casual recipes — every one of which is a total score!

The Motherload

First and foremost, you can’t go wrong with an all-star line-up of salsa, chips, hummus and dips. It’s a party favorite and delicious enough to stand alone.

Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa, Chips, Hummus and Dips

Ray’s Famous Spicy Con Queso Dip

We love Ray’s Famous Spicy Con Queso Dip for three reasons: 1: it’s easy to make, 2: it requires only three ingredients and 3: it’s righteous. He combines melted cheese with chorizo and Garden Fresh Salsa for this annual crowd-pleaser. The best part is you can create the heat level you desire by the salsa you choose. Want to add a lot of fire to your queso? Mix in some Screamn’ Hot.

Ray's Famous Con Queso Dip with Chorizo, Cheese and Garden Fresh Gourmet Sweet Onion Salsa | Easy Super Bowl Recipe

Baked Artichoke Spinach & 4 Cheese Dip

Another quick and easy dip and a favorite amongst our team of passionate pros is our Baked Artichoke Spinach & 4 Cheese Dip. Add spinach, water chestnuts and artichokes to our Artichoke Spinach & 4 Cheese Dip, pop it in the oven for 30 minutes and the resulting dish will be gone in 60 seconds. You won’t even have to wash the baking pan because your guests will lick it clean.

baked artichoke spinach dip | garden fresh gourmet | quick and easy super bowl recipe

Nacho Momma’s Pie

A melody of flavors explode across the tongue with every bite as your teeth crush into each layer of this awesome dish. Guests will certainly be asking for this recipe: Nacho Momma’s Pie.

Nacho Pie with Seasoned Meat, Cheese, Queso, Salsa, and Guacamole | Garden Fresh Gourmet | Super Bowl Recipes

Chili Times Two

Chili is always a hit at any party, especially in the cold of winter. We have two for you: a Bowl of Red that’s slightly more labor intensive but has won several chili cook-offs and another traditional recipe that’s quick and easy to make.

If you want to impress, try Jack Aronson’s Bowl of Red: Texas-Style Chili. Beans do not fraternize with the meat in this version of a culinary classic.

Bowl of Red | Texas-Style Chili | Super Bowl Recipe

For a more traditional recipe, try our Santa Fe Chili with Black Bean & Corn Salsa. The Black Bean & Corn Salsa can be substituted for your favorite Garden Fresh salsa variety.

Santa Fe Chili Recipe with Garden Fresh Gourmet Black Bean & Corn Salsa | Super Bowl Recipes

Spinach Dip

Get creative and carve out the center of some pumpernickel bread and fill it with Spinach Dip for an easy snack that says homemade.

Garden Fresh Gourmet Spinach Dip | Easy Super Bowl Recipe

Black & Blue Sliders

Make these Black and Blue Burgers miniature and you’ve got some tasty sliders! The ambrosial juices of the sautéed onions exploded across your tongue, creating a symphony of flavor against the sharp taste of the blue cheese and the sweet and spicy goodness of the Chipotle Dip.

Black & Blue Burgers | Garden Fresh Gourmet | Super Bowl Recipes

Enjoy your game day!