What Goes Around…

It was a cool Fall evening, autumn’s colors booming in operatic excess. Our very own Pierre took a trip to the supermarket to pick up a few items for dinner. As he perused a cooler filled with fresh salsa, a gentleman came up next to him. Standing beside Pierre in front of the cooler for a few moments, his eyes dancing over the brightly-colored containers below, the gentleman finally looked over at him and pointed toward row after row of what was unmistakably Garden Fresh‘s all-natural fresh salsa, with its distinctive packaging and riotous display of color proclaiming a wide range of delicious flavors.

Fresh, all natural, Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

“If you’re looking for great salsa, Garden Fresh has the best. I know the guy that owns it.”

“Really?!” Pierre exclaimed. “You know Jack Aronson?”

“Well, he probably doesn’t remember me. I used to order food from the old Clubhouse Barbeque from time to time when he owned it. One day, I didn’t have enough money to pay for my meal. Jack wouldn’t accept a dime. He gave me the food for free. This is my way of paying him back. I buy a pint of salsa every week.”

Heather Hills Clubhouse BBQ and Seafood

As Pierre walked back to his car, he was awash with emotion.

“I thought I was talking to an angel,” Pierre said to me as he recalled the story. “Jack is an amazing person. And he does so much for the community, and for the people who work at Garden Fresh, that it’s easy to take his generosity for granted. Annette, too. But the experience I’d just had reminded me that his generosity is as sincere as the day is long. Jack didn’t have two nickels to rub together when he gave that man a free meal. That’s Jack. It’s in his nature. It’s who he is. People say Jack and Annette deserve their success because they worked hard for it. Well, they deserve it for a lot of other reasons, too.”

Jack and Annette Aronson | owners founders of Garden Fresh Gourmet